The conduct and typical situations in the use of the Internet and telecommunications as channels of information communication are, if not under threat, then at least subject to specific mandatory rules (both national and international) and, as a result, involve a need for specialized legal advice.

Therefore, the presence of a business in these channels or, in general, any activity with digital content requires specific legal knowledge in order to properly advise on aspects such as e-commerce, rights to privacy, personal data protection, rights of consumers and users, unfair competition, advertising rules, intellectual property rights or security measures against cyber-attacks.

Plaza Iuris Lawyers, as a firm specializing in these matters, has a professional team (lawyers and technical experts in computer engineering, telecommunications and social media), allowing us to provide our clients (large companies, SMEs, ventures, or Internet and telecommunications users generally), with global advice in such disciplines.

For its added value to these businesses, and their necessary development in the technological environment, we frequently advise on compliance and governance policies (corporate compliance), cyber security methods (data encryption), and design of strategies for the introduction of new technologies (cloud computing, safe harbor, BYOD practices, social media, etc.). Likewise, we offer our specialized services to other law firms that either do not have such specialties or wish to have a second expert opinion.

Plaza Iuris Lawyers has links with law firms in several countries in Europe, America and Africa, through which we offer services and solutions to companies and other enterprises for their day-to-day business in Spain and for the specific needs of their business sector abroad.

Within our specialized legal advice services, we at Plaza Iuris Lawyers are noted for our considerable expertise as consultants in the following sectors: service providers in electronic communications and e-commerce, payment institutions, advertising, travel agencies, airlines, retail, engineering, educational institutions, hotel business; and in the field of consumers and online service users of the information society and e-commerce.

Our demand of ourselves is that we contribute to the achievement of our clients' objectives.


Plaza Iuris Lawyers is a law firm founded by its partner and director Julián Plaza García, member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) since 1993, specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology/Telecoms (IT), member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Spanish Court of Arbitration as an expert in domain name disputes, and member of the National Association of Lawyers specializing in Technology and Telecoms (ENATIC).

Julián Plaza has developed his professional career over the past twenty years fundamentally as a legal advisor to businesses, including multinational companies from different sectors (digital media, telecommunications, payment services, airlines, retail, e-commerce, travel industry, food industry, entertainment and leisure, marketing and advertising), on corporate and commercial matters as well as in areas such as technology (IP /IT, distribution, e-payment), legal audit (corporate compliance, regulated sectors such as data protection, money laundering, media, unfair competition) and he has considerable expertise on cyber security for consumers and users.

He also has wide experience as a litigation attorney on civil, commercial, criminal and administrative matters and in the specific areas of intellectual property rights and of information and communications technology, as well as in the field of domain name disputes.

A frequent speaker on IT / IP issues in business forums, he also teaches these subjects at the Villanueva University Center in Madrid, is the author of legal articles on issues related to IT/IP, consumers and users and is co-author of " IP issues in the agricultural industry" (Brosa lawyers and economists and JM Bosch Editor. Barcelona 2003).


To Companies.

Plaza Iuris Lawyers offer legal services in different areas of business law, and particularly in the digital environment of IT (Technology and Telecoms) and IP (Intellectual Property).

Information and Communication Technology

  • Online business consultancy and information services.
  • Web site suitability and treatment of cookies.
  • Drafting of general terms & conditions and particulars of distance selling.
  • Identification, analysis and management of digital risks.
  • Drafting of policies and internal procedures of good governance, training and advising upper management and offering guidance to staff.
  • E-Payment issues.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Management of image rights.
  • Taxation matters relating to e-commerce.
  • Drafting of legal notices on the web page (Privacy policy, Use policy, Treatment of cookies).
  • Adequacy of rules, policies and procedures and registration of files.
  • Drafting of contracts for performance of data treatment services.
  • Management of international and inter-group transfers.
  • Mediation in disciplinary proceedings before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).
  • Drafting of Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).
  • Preparation of the mandatory Security Document.
Advice on legal text of business communications, promotions, offers, discounts, online draws and games.
  • Drafting of policies of good governance and Corporate Compliance.
  • Legal audit of cyber security systems in accordance with Spanish regulations.
  • Legal advice on ISO/IEC 27001 on information security management, ISO/IEC 27018 on protection of personally identifiable information and ISO 20000 on systems of management of IT services.
  • Cloud computing.
  • B2B and C2C contracts.
  • Software, user licenses, development contracts.
  • Deposit of source code and data migration.
  • Transfer of rights agreements.
  • Advice and defence in matters of conflict and arbitration (domain names, trademarks, other rights).
  • Process management (cancellation, opposition, transfer), arbitration proceedings before national and international arbitration courts ( CANN).
  • Management of Trademark Clearinghouse services (TMCH).
Electronic signature and certification services.
  • Cybercrime.
  • Identity theft: Misuse, or use without consent, of personal data (credit card, bank accounts, user names and passwords, personal identification). Phishing, pharming, cracking, spyware.
  • Breach of Industrial/Intellectual Property rights: Unauthorized use of trade marks, domain names "Cybersquatting", copyright (computer programs, musical and literary works, unauthorized downloads and possession and distribution of illegal copies).
  • Offenses against heritage and the socioeconomic order: telecommunications fraud by third party extraction of data "Hacking".
  • Offenses against broadcasting services.
  • Fraud.
  • Damages, information sabotage.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Falsification of documents.
  • Discovery and disclosure of secrets.
  • Immoral acts, harassment of minors, pornography and corruption of minors.
  • Support for, or incitement to, discrimination.
  • Intimidation or coercion.
  • Defamation or slander of public officials.
  • Operators.
    • Advice on, and interpretation of statutes.
  • Consumers and users.
    • Rights and obligations.
  • Regulatory authorities: Commission for the Telecommunications Market (CMT), Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)..


  • Management of ordinary corporate function.
  • Determination of the structure and functioning of the Board of Directors.
  • Assistance in implementing compliance and good governance practices.
  • Assisting the Board of Directors by acting as a legal advisor to the company.
  • Attendance at convened shareholder meetings.
Restructuring operations, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.
Dissolutions. Assistance with liquidations of assets and liabilities.


  • Distribution, technical assistance, renting, procurement, agency, franchise, etc.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Comfort letters, Service-level Agreements and Binding Corporate Rules.
  • Legal and strategic consulting on IP matters.
  • Management of registration of rights concerning distinctive marks and inventions (trademarks, designs, geographical classifications "DO", patents, utility models), protection of intellectual creations (software, databases, audio-visual works, multimedia works, audio recording, graphic works), and media and entertainment matters.
  • Preparation of contracts: exploitation of rights, technology transfer, license, know-how, confidentiality, merchandising, franchising etc.
  • Defence of distinctive marks, inventions and intellectual creations before national and international authorities, and in police or customs investigation and legal proceedings.
  • Negotiations with rights management organizations.
  • Legal and strategic consulting on publicity matters (radio, press, TV and internet).
  • Preparation of contracts: sponsorship, assignment of rights, advertising campaigns, labelling.
  • Direct advertising, social networking, content management.
  • Advice on proceedings before self-regulatory bodies.
  • Assistance in dealing with bodies responsible for organizational, operational and technological obligations.
  • Drafting of policies and procedures for client identification and control.
  • Intervention in status enquiry and sanction proceedings.
  • Legal assistance in matters of:
    • Restrictive practices, antitrust.
    • Anti-competitive and monopolistic practices.
    • Control of state aid and subsidies.
  • Negotiation with public administration and EU institutions.
  • Amelioration of administrative sanctions.
  • Proceedings before the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), the European Commission and the European Court of Justice.
  • Drafting of contracts and general and special conditions, guarantees.
  • Participation in arbitration, disciplinary and legal procedures.


Participation in legal proceedings regarding all matters and issues.
In the specific areas of intellectual property, telecoms and unfair competition.

Financial, Tax and Labour Matters

Advise and manage on revenue and taxation of the business in general and especially with digital business (ecommerce).
Advice in the areas of labour and social security and specifically in matters of information technology and "Bring Your Own Device" practices.

To Individuals.

Plaza Iuris Lawyers offer generic legal services to consumers and users matters and specific services in the IT and IP sector.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO).
  • Right to oblivion.
  • Consent to the processing and communication of personal data.
  • File on financial standing. Credit blacklists.
  • Identification of the person responsible for the treatment of the personal data.
  • Registration of the existence of personal data files before the AEPD.
  • Purpose of the collection of personal data and the target audience for information.
  • Measures employed to ensure the security of personal data.
  • Information regarding commercial communications via email.
  • Information on the type, use and other aspects concerned with cookies.
  • Terms and Conditions provided by the trader.
  • Pre-contractual information before the consumer is bound by distance selling.
  • Contractual requirements. Nature, characteristics, functioning.
  • Right of withdrawal.
  • Abusive clauses within contracts.
  • Privacy of communications.
  • Social networking. Unauthorized access to profile.
  • Minors and the social network landscape.
  • Cyberbullying, sexting, grooming, identity theft.
  • Participation in legal and extrajudicial proceedings on informatics infringements:
    • Unauthorized accessing of computer equipment or personal data. Identity theft (hacking, pharming, phishing, cracking, spyware, carding).
    • Online reputation: privacy, identity, image, honour.
    • Child pornography.
    • Fraud in means of payment.
    • Public order offenses.
    • Fraud or misleading practices in online gaming.
    • Telecommunications fraud. Introduction of unauthorized applications into computer systems, breaching security measures put in place to prevent the same. Hacking.
    • Telecommunication or computer damage (deletion, deterioration, alteration, suppression, or data inaccessibility).
    • Unauthorized use of Intellectual Property rights, trade marks, domain names, copyright. Contents disclosed without consent. Cybersquatting.
    • Discovery and disclosure of trade secrets.
  • Users:
    • Rights and obligations.
    • Additional charges.

plan empresas digital

Plaza Iuris Lawyers provide a specific service entitled "Digital Business Plan" by which we offer our clients legal advice on the risks and/or deficiencies detected in their online business or digital strategy. We propose to them legal and technical solutions to implement as much in their internal policies (corporate compliance, Cyber Security), as in their business practices (e-commerce), site content (personal data, images, design, branding and publicity) or online communication processes (social media).

Consult us about our service "Digital Business Plan" which includes specific advice on the following disciplines:

  • Protection of the Web site.
  • E-Commerce & rights and obligations of consumers and users.
  • Treatment of personal data & security measures, registration files.
  • Trade secrets & know-how, trademarks, patents.
  • Site & domain names, intellectual property, publicity.
  • Social networks, privacy, image rights.
  • Cybersecurity & corporate compliance.


According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (the Act) and other legislation development, Plaza Iuris Lawyers informs its clients and any person who delivers your personal data on your Policy Protection of Personal Data.

This Data Protection Policy will apply to the collection of personal data by any method such as written or electronic correspondence, data communication via phone, website or filling out forms, receiving business cards, as long as the data owner had given his consent to the processing thereof.

Personal data collected by Plaza Iuris Lawyers by the above means will be included in a file called "File Contacts", notified the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The data controller is Plaza Iuris Lawyers, established in Hermosilla 81 Street, 4th A-28001 Madrid.

The file will contain only said identification data in each case specifically provided (name, home address or company, title, phone, fax and email address individual or company).

The purpose of this file is the general administration and management by signing Plaza Iuris Lawyers for the provision of their services as well as maintaining contact with them. Plaza Iuris Lawyers may use the data that have been supply to send commercial or legal information considered relevant to the data subjects.

Anyone who has given personal details to Plaza Iuris Lawyers have the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition thereto, as set out in the Data Protection Act. These rights may be exercise by sending an email to the following address:

Plaza Iuris Lawyers has the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access type.

Plaza Iuris Lawyers is committed to fulfill the obligation of secrecy established in the applicable legislation in relation to data on its database and do not pass them without obtaining the express consent of the owners.



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